Q: Can I log in with my existing login ID and password?
A: Yes, your same login ID and password will work in the new website.

Q: How do I place my order?
A: Log in to and click on Shop.

Q: My payment method was not transferred from the previous website.  How can I save my credit card information?
A: Payment Methods were not imported from the old website. Please follow these steps to save your payment method:
  1. Log in
  2. Click on your name in the upper-right corner
  3. Click on "My Account"
  4. Click on "Payment Method"
  5. Click on "Add Credit Card"
Q: Why is my sponsor's name at the top?
A: If you are a Retail Customer or Preferred Customer, your sponsor's information will be displayed at the top of the page while making a purchase. This is because you are buying from your sponsor's website and will ensure they receive proper credit for your order. 

Q: Where will I see my own information?
A: Retail Customers or Preferred Customers can find their information by clicking on "My Account."

Q: How do I know I am getting my discount?
A: You will see your discount at the time you are adding the item to your shopping cart.

Q: How do I create a "Favorites" product list?
A: Log in to your account, click "Shop," and then move your cursor over the desired product and click the heart emoji. Next, click "Default" or create a new list, which will be automatically added to your Favorites for easy access and organization.

Q: How do I access my Workspace?
A: You can access your Workspace at or by clicking on your name (locatred at top right) and selecting "My Workspace."

Q: How do I sign up a new recruit?
A: If you are an IBO, start by logging out of your account and then clicking "Join Us."  If you are not an IBO, you do not need to log out, just click "Join Us."

Q: How can I register for a Subscription Order?
A: Click on "Subscription" and then click on "Create A New Subscription Order." You can also click on the box "Add to your Subscription" as you are placing your order.

Q: How do I use my credit/points?
A: You can use your points on the payment page under Credits/Points/Coupons.  Click on "Customize" and enter the amount you would like to apply and then click "Save & Continue."  Go to "Payment" and enter a method of payment for the difference.

Q: My question isn't listed here.  How can I get further assistance?
A: If you need additional help, please call us at 310-781-8096, or email us at info@  Please include your ID number, name, and the details of what device and  browser you  are using, along with the description of your problem. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm PT.

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